Twitter user Anna Colarussoo was issued a challenge by her boyfriend, "see if u can fit into the suitcase in ur room", and it didn't end well when one of her cats took issue her attempts. The cat immediately attacked Colarussoo, leaving her with scratches to her face and legs.

The young woman assures that in the 7 years since she got her cat he never did anything like this before, and that he has not been abused. Colarussoo says the cat was "scared and felt threatened" when she went to climb out of the suitcase. And by no means does she intend to get rid of her cat.

Also, for anyone wondering, the guy in the background that she was calling for help isn't her boyfriend Matt, it was her brother she refers to as Jd "jay", because what are siblings for, right?

I'll stick to my German Shepherd.

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