Times are surely changing because more women are getting down on one knee to ask for their man's hand in marriage. It's unconventional, but I think if it works for them the "conventional" way of proposing shouldn't matter to anyone. After all, it's not their business how you live your life. Forget them!

In front of onlookers, the woman got down on one knee and asked "Babe, would you do me the honor of continuing the..." He didn't give her time as he replied with a strong "Yes!"

Personally, I want to be the one to get down on one knee when I decide to propose to my girlfriend. Truth be told, I don't think she would want it any other way, or would she? Hmmm.

Gentlemen, would you want your lady to propose to you? Ladies, would you be willing to propose to your man? Sound off in the comments below!

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