One suspect in the murder of XXXTentacion has just issued a request for access to more evidence.

On Thursday (March 7), lawyers for Michael Boatwright, who police believe is the person who fired the fatal shots killing XXXTentacion last June, claim that the prosecution neglected to provide sworn statements from the late rapper's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, and the mother of his child, Jenesis Sanchez. Now, the murder suspect is demanding to see every statement from the case.

"The defense is hereby requesting copies of these sworn statements, as well as any statements taken by anyone in connection with this case not specifically listed or provided to the Defense," states one part of the documents obtained by XXL, which can be viewed below.

Attorneys for Boatwright say that prosecutors did provide their client with at least 20 CDs full of evidence. However, after his lawyers reviewed the police reports from the case, they determined that authorities had evidence they hadn't shared with Boatwright. Statements from Bernard and Sanchez, along with a slew of others who were interviewed were noticeably missing from the array of CDs.

In addition to the missing statements, Boatwright's legal team is also requesting all photos involved with the case, as well as body cam footage from the officers who collected the evidence.

The motion comes after a circuit court judge in Florida's Broward County granted a request from Dedrick D. Williams, who is another suspect in the murder of X. Williams asked the court to cover the $15,000 fee for an independent forensics expert in order to help prepare his defense. The motion was granted on Feb. 8.

Boatwright is one of four men charged with the murder of XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed during an apparent robbery on June 18, 2018. The other three men are Trayvon Newsome, Robert Allen and the aforementioned Dedrick D. Williams.

Take a look at Boatwright’s request to see sworn statements from Bernard and Sanchez below.

Broward Sheriff's Office
Broward Sheriff's Office

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