Four days removed from being assaulted and robbed in the streets of New York City, YBN Almighty Jay issues his first statement on the matter—and he uses his music to do so.

On Tuesday (March 12), the Texas rapper unloaded "Let Me Breathe," an introspective new track that finds the YBN Nahmir affiliate addressing the media, life as a young father and the robbery that left him with a deep cut on his face.

On the song, Jay wastes no time getting into some serious subject matter. "I guess it's time to wake 'em up, 'cause they been sleep on me/They say negative shit every time they speak on me/My momma scared to look me up, 'cause what she see on me/My face card good, so I don't need to keep I.D. on me," Jay spits. ]

Jay's new video seemingly takes a cue from Kanye West's "Through the Wire" video, which is one that sees footage of pivotal points of Yeezy's life put into virtual polaroid pics. For Jay, those crucial moments include news coverage of his previous relationship with Blac Chyna, the day he was attacked and more.

In an Instagram post he uploaded in order to promote the new song and video, Jay thanked his fans and his fellow rapper DreamDoll for showing him support after the attack.

In the caption, he wrote, "Shoutout To All My Family, Friends & Fans That Kept Me In High Spirits While I Was Down. I Love Y’all. I Want To Give A Special Shoutout To @dreamdoll . The Realest Woman I Know, Stayed By My Side The Whole Time I Needed You & Ill Love You. Forever & Ever❤️ You’ll Always Have A Special Place In My Heart Babe. Queen 👸🏽 💍."

Check out YBN Almighty Jay's new song and video for yourself below. See his IG post thanking his fans beneath that.

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