Have you ever been in a situation where your heart seems to be beating out of your chest? Have you gotten behind in some of your duties and start to place additional amounts of pressure on yourself. This is what I go though sometimes during my daily routine. I am what some would consider a perfectionist, I love to work on projects, but sometimes I work better under pressure. Obviously this isn't good when you deal with Anxiety issues.

Over the last year, we had to deal with 2 major Hurricanes, an ice storm and flooding. This has caused me to have episodes when it rains. Sure, it rains here a lot, but when you are faced with knowing that if it rains too much consistently, you may be stuck at work or could possibly lose your car in the water if you are trying to get home.

Many people deal with Anxieties and may not realize that you are. It could be a rapid heartbeat, it could be an upset stomach or you may suddenly feel overwhelmed and feel like there is no out. Unfortunately, this has lead to many people taking their own lives or causing harm to themselves due to the daily pressures and demands of others. While I am no professional, I have learned to cope and manage things a little better than before. Here are some things that I have incorporated in my life

Incorporate a change in your daily diet intake.

Start incorporating moments of meditation or prayer daily

I began to work out and have incorporated cardio and weights into my routine.

I write things down, Ideas, brainstorm or short ideas that I may be able to include lately.

Talk it out with people that you trust

While this may not work for everyone. These are some of the things that work for me. It is still a journey and a challenge at times, but it has helped me to deal under stressful situations, and allowed me to be able to cope better. Anxiety Attacks are a real thing and more people than you know have them. We have to take care of ourselves and we need to do what needs to be done to protect our energy and take care of ourselves.


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