Weezy said he was blessed to have Torion Sellers on his label.  He called the youngster the past, present and future in music.  However, Torion is tired of being on the back burner and now he wants out of his contract.

More than likely, you haven't heard of him.....yet, but Torion Sellers is the youngest artist on the Young Money label.  He signed a deal with the label when he was only 13-years old and was dubbed from the very beginning to be the next major R&B singing sensation.

With pipes like that, I can see why Weezy was so excited.  Needless to say, the excitement of being on one of the hottest labels in music right now, has worn off for Torion.  He's now 15-years old and doesn't have a single, much less an album after two years of waiting in the balance.

The 15-year-old singer has taken legal action to get released from his contract with the company that Lil Wayne built.

According to a report from TMZ, legal documents claim he was suppose to release an album by 2012, but it never happened.  Feeling abandoned, Torion reportedly is requesting a release.  He may just get his wish as his legal team is also claiming YMCMB should have gotten a court’s approval to sign the youngster in the first place.

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