When 50 Cent first burst on the scene. It was like a storm that couldn't be controlled. He released one of the hottest songs in the country and was backed by Dr. Dre and Eminem. Once he introduced the world to G Unit. I knew that his place in hip hop history was solidified.

The group consisted of Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck. While each artist held their own. Once we saw the gritty edge that Young Buck delivered I was personally sold. He came from Nashville which at the time wasn't really known for a big hip hop edge. But man did he represent.

Over the years. It seemed like the Unit was falling apart and 50 was moving more towards movies and less with music. Recently Young Buck has been under the scope over things about his personal life which I won't get into. But lets just say that 50 Cent is not letting up and is constantly throwing shade at the way of Young Buck.

It doesn't seem like its really affecting Young Buck and he proves it with the latest mix tape release and the video that he just dropped called "Skyscraper"


Young Buck- "Skyscraper":

There have been issues between these two for years now and it seems like friends who fall out and make up. However I am not sure this is going to be one of those times. Either way I have always rode with Young Buck and want to see him really prosper in his craft. Whatever personal demons he is dealing with is on him and is none of my business. Lets just get to the money. Make sure you go download or stream the new music from Young Buck with his latest tape "Compulsive".

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