TMZ's reporting Young Money’s Mack Maine is in some major hot water, as the label prez is being accused of physical and sexual assault of a female fan.

Mack Maine-facebook
Mack Maine-facebook

Mack Maine is being accused of assaulting a female fan on Lil Wayne’s tour bus last week.  In addition, he's also being accused of punching the woman's friend in the mouth and breaking her jaw.

Allegedly, Maine invited the two women onto Weezy's tour bus on the August 21st during the America’s Most Wanted Tour stop at the Chesapeake Energy Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  A police report claims Maine put his hand inside of the shirt of one of the alleged victims, groping her breast without her permission.  The woman rejected his advance, slapped him and attempted to get off the bus.  Allegedly, Maine blocked her from leaving and during a brief confrontation he then punched her friend in the mouth and broke her jaw.

So far no arrests or charges have been filed, but they are expected to come down soon.  Meanwhile, Mack Maine has remained quiet on the issue. I will keep you posted as further developments occur.


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