If you know anything about rapper/Instagram star G-Nate, he has a soft spot when it comes to the kids. He and Tyriek came to Lake Charles recently to show love and support to a young girl, as seen in one his most recent videos.

From what I gathered from the video, the girl lost her mother a couple of months ago and is now in the care of her grandmother. The "Rich Gang" affiliate visited the City bearing gifts, and to assure the young girl that he's only a call away.

G-Nate has spoken openly about losing his own mother to cancer, something he also had to endure at a young age and while he was incarcerated.

I always thank God that I still have both of my parents. Being without both, let alone one, is something I can't begin to fathom. I often pray they live to an old age to see my children (when I have some), nephews, and nieces grow to become young adults.

Often when we speak to people about something they're going through, we tend to say "I understand." Honestly, if it hasn't happened to you, can we really say that we understand? Most times when a person is going through something, they just need to know someone is there to have their back when things get tough.

Shout's out to G-Nate and Tyreik for coming to the city and showing love! We salute you here at the People's Station 107Jamz.

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