Z-Ro has mixed feelings about All Eyez on Me, the recently released Tupac Shakur biopic that has movie critics everywhere shaking their head. According to the Houston-bred rap legend, the actor who played the leading role—acting newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr.‚ failed to capture 'Pac's demeanor and 50 Cent would have done a better job in an impossibly difficult role. Peep his interview with DJ Smallz in the video below.

Adding the caveat that no one's able to render a perfect 'Pac impression on the big screen, Z-Ro offers up a sort of Fif endorsement. "I'd even go as far as to say if 50 would've shaved his shit and played 'Pac, it would've been a little bit more believable to me," he explains.

Z-Ro goes on to say that while Shipp was able to mimic 'Pac's demeanor and movements, the All Eyez on Me dialogue came short of capturing the rap icon's persona. He enjoyed the movie enough, though. "I'm looking at the movie for what it was, and even though it's a lot of falsehoods in it, I was entertained by the story," Z-Ro explains.

He continues, "Most of the shit...all of the real shit...I knew to be for a fact. Especially all of the times...outside of the court scene when he was saying, 'I'm a business man and you know that because you find me in my places of business.' His demeanor. The way he was moving his body, even when he was doing 'Hit Em Up' with the same fucking pants on, with the same body movements. The shit said 'Pac while 'Pac voice was playing, but when it came to the actual dialogue, you were like, okay, this not 'Pac. This not 'Pac. But for what it was in its entirety as a biopic, I appreciated it."

Z-Ro, whose final album No Love Boulevard is all set to drop on June 30, goes on to give props to the critically acclaimed N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton while noting the filmmakers had the advantage of speaking to the people they tried to portray while they're still alive.

We spoke with Demetrius Shipp Jr. about the research he did to play Tupac. Read that interview right here.

Check out what Z-Ro's got to say in the video just below. The 50 Cent bit comes in at the 48-second mark. Pre-order No Love Boulevard here.

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