Z-Ro is by far one of the most underrated mc's when it comes to the hip hop game. He is also a hell of a singer and could hold a note with some of the best out there.
Unfortunately his talent gets over shadowed by negative press and previous incarcerations. But I have met him on several occasions and while I can see how this could affect an individual. Ro has been nothing but a straight up G when we've crossed paths.

At a recent sighting, Z-Ro was seen talking with some of his fans and ran across a young lady who was more then excited to meet the rapper. This is something that you don't see a lot of coverage for I feel gets overlooked. Check out the clip with Z-RO and the excited fan below.

Artist don't realize how much of an impact they make on the fans. While many may say that it's not their job to raise anyones kids. I will say while I understand that statement. The youth look up to celebrities when it comes to life. The parents try their best to influence their kids, but often are overlooked due to the lights and glitz that the celebrities display. I want to give a major shout out to Z-RO for representing for his fans and not passing them over as I have seen so many others do.

Be on the lookout for new music coming soon from Z-RO as his fans have been eagerly looking forward to new music from the Mo City Don.

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