Local is good -- that's how we feel here at 107 JAMZ, anyway, and we're glad to see some Louisiana boys gettin' hits on our site.  This year, we tried to go all out to bring you as wide a catch of hip-hop and R&B news as we could.  Sure, we expect you to read the latest about Jay-Z or Lil Wayne, but we're glad when you hit us up on guys like Kevin Gates and Keith Frank, too!  These were 2011's most popular posts as measured by the times you clicked on each story.  Let us know what you want to read about, and we hope to step it up in 2012!

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    Meagan Good Lands Starring Role in Movie ‘Video Girl’

    This was an independent film that was produced by former No Limit Rappers Kane and Abel. The film followed a country girl who was picked to be in a video and it made her a star overnight! There was a lot of drama that came along with the fame, which is all detailed in this movie. A great movie to add to the collection, plus Meagan Good is not bad on the eyes!

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    Nick Ashford Laid To Rest Today — Tha Wire

    This was a very somber time over the year. Nick Ashford was behind so many hit songs over so many decades that losing him was a devastating shock to so many of us. His wife Valerie continues to live on along with the musical legacy that was left behind.

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    Spike Lee’s ‘Malcolm X’ Selected For Preservation In National Film Registry

    Whether you have read the book or seen the movie, this was a very proud moment to be an American. Spike Lee did a great job of touching on so many points about Malcolm Little, who would later be known as Malcolm X. The movie is a must see for adults and kids as well. The old saying is "You'll never get to where you are going if you don't know where you coming from."

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    Check Out The All New Raven Symone

    Alright fellas, regardless of you still picturing her as little Miss Olivia, she is a grown woman now and has really shed some pounds over the years. Raven Symone lost a lot of weight over the year and has gone from that sweet little girl to a sexy diva. She continues to make music and is really starting to get off into the background as far as movies.

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    Oh Snap! The Stripper Did What At Kandi’s Birthday Party?

    This had to be one of the most talked about episodes in RHOA history. Well, Phaedra decided to invite a male dancer by the name of Ridiculous to Kandi's birthday party, and let's just say that he blew the crowd away. You would have to see it for yourself to understand, but don't worry -- with this episode being one of the most watched, you can believe that Bravo will showing this one over and over!

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    Calling On The Community To Help With Burial Arrangements Of Mercedez Garcia

    There are times when we call on the community for fun and a time when we call on the community for help. This was one of the moments for the latter. There was a beautiful young lady by the name of Mercedez Garcia, who was killed in a car accident this year. Although we know death is coming, we can never be prepared, because honestly we never want to lose a loved one. We called on the community to help us out with some of cost for the burial arrangements for her funeral and the community responded. To that we say thank you so much!

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    Kevin Gates Is Officially Home ... Check Me Out This Wednesday For The Interview!

    This was a great moment as rapper Kevin Gates was released from prison after a 2 year bid and came by our studios to talk about his life behind bars and the future of whats to come music wise. It was a very fun interview and I feel like Kevin was really able to let his hair down and talk freely to the listeners.

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    Lil Nathan And The Zydeco Big Tymers Are Innovators (Check The Remix)

    We love to be able to talk and have a great relationship with our artist and Lil Nate is one of those artist who is a really free spirited person. Lil Nate sent us over this exclusive track with him and Baton Rouge artist Level. It was a remix of the hit single "Innovator" and it really gets the club going when it comes on.

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    Eric Williams Explains The Lump On His Forehead?

    Alright guys, so we all know this guy, he is the one who made it hard for us to respect him after he threw water into the face of his soon-to-be ex-wife Jennifer on Basketball Wives, but one thing that everyone was curious about was the lump on his forehead. Apparently he got it from a knife after being stabbed in the head, I think he could have gotten it removed, but it's connected to a major vein and that's the reason it hasn't been taken care of.

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    Exclusive New Keith Frank Track, Featuring Level!

    Another friend of the 107 JAMZ family is the Zydeco Boss Keith Frank. He released the new single "Don't start no Shh" featuring a hot commodity in the music circuit Level. This was not a stray from the Boss to incorporate hip-hop into his music as he set it off late last year with "Haterz" the remix featuring Lil Boosie. Keith is not going anywhere and is truly a force to be dealt with.

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