One half of Ashford and Simpson will be laid to rest today.  The legendary Nick Ashford will be buried today in services that were supposed to take place this past Saturday. However, do to Hurricane Irene the service was postponed.  He will be sorely missed and leaves behind a legacy of wonderful music to remember him by. 

Game got into a brief altercation with a photographer in a nightclub parking lot.  No arrest were made, after Game retaliated after being spat on.

Beyonce stills the show and MTV's VMA's last night annoucing for once and for all that she's pregnant.  Lady GaGa chanelles her alter ego and Tyler The Creater leaves Wiz and Big Sean in the dust.

DMX says he's being harassed by the Arizona Police department.  X says he's not gonna take it anymore and filing a harassment suit against the department.

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