First off, let's get this out of the way 112 is still together and performing together.  Yet and still there's nothing wrong with doing your own thing every once in a while. Slim broke off to do the solo thing and now it's Q. Parker's turn.


Quinnes “Q” Parker has a sexy new single called "Yes" and it's been riding high on the charts ever since it dropped.  Here's his new steamy video and see why.

It's been a long time coming.  Q has had his hands full with touring to writing songs for artists like Tyrese to putting the final touches on his debut album "The Manual", which is now available.  Q said of his new LP, “The biggest lesson is women learning and allowing the man to be the man. In today’s society we support the independent woman who says ‘I got my own and I don’t need a man’, and that is all good, but when you get in a relationship ladies, you have to relinquish some of that independence. You have to allow a man to not only be a man– but be the man.”


All in all, Q's "The Manual" has three featured artists, Faith Evans, Styles P. [from The Lox], and up and coming songwriter/singer Crystal Nicole.  Q said that he wanted his brothers from 112 to critique his new album before he released it saying, I put my album on their ears first and got their blessings. I needed to get that from them. It’s a great situation to be in, and to have your brothers support you in the way the guys have. When Slim comes out with his new solo album later this year, we’ll all give him the same kind of love that was given to me.”

On top of a new album, Q is doing some charity work as well, forming his own organization "Q. Parker Cares", devoted to keeping kids physically, mentally, and creatively strong through fitness, healthy eating and exposure to music.  That's not all.  Q. Parker has always been into being fit and eating right so he released his own calendar.  Q. says,  Being healthy isn’t just working out, but eating right and understanding what you’re doing to your body."  His fitness calendar will hopefully motivate others to leave a healthier life as well. By the way a portion of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer research. So make sure you pick one up!