In 2 Chainz latest episode of his VICELAND show, he doesn't seem too impressed by this pricey survival kit, and neither am I. I could build a better kit for much cheaper.

Let's paint the picture. The zombie apocalypse is upon us, stores have run out of food, and banks are down. What do you do? Well, if you have a survival kit, you'll be A-ok. But would you pay $10k for a survival kit? Well, there's a company who's making money doing so. Lucky for you and I, who are both on a shoestring budget, they sell kits ranging from $95 and up.

The only thing that seemed great about having the $10k survival kit is the solid gold bar that's included. Just in case you run out of gas and have no other means of paying. You just break a small square off, and it's worth $50. In total, the card-sized bar is worth $2500.

What this all further proves though, is that we're all in the wrong business. What will they come up with next? Trust me, there will be another ridiculous video like this to come within the next week or so, so stay posted.

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