Today in Tha Wire 2 Chainz lights up on the second season of Most Expensivest S— and murder charges issued to the man who killed Nicki Minajs tour manager.

2 Chainz- photo by Ethan Miller via Getty Images
2 Chainz- photo by Ethan Miller via Getty Images

In the season two premiere of his show  Most Expensivest S— for GQ, Atl's 2 Chainz smokes the most expensive reefer, in the most expensive rolling paper in the world.

Rapper 2 Chainz sets out to find the most luxurious, outrageous goods on the planet.  He went from a $295 hamburger and a $2 million car.  So it’s only right that he gets to take the most lavish toke of his life...right?

We all know that 2 Chainz is pro-marijuana, earlier this year he appeared on the Nancy Grace show to talk about the benefits of legalizing weed.  Chainz told Grace there's many reason why it should be legalized from increasing tax revenue to fixing the criminal justice system.

Anyway on the second season of his rather entertaining show, Chainz is on a mission to find the most expensive smoke.  With a little help from Dr. Dina, celebrity "medical-cannabis consultant", he did just that.  The two stopped off to a shop that carries Shine's edible 24-karat gold rolling paper.  The gold-plated rolling paper is sold in bundles: two sheets for $20 or 12 sheets for $55.  If that's not enough, the doc breaks out two cans of the worlds most expensive pot.  Selling at $800 an ounce, Deuce rolled the most expensive, dopest joint in the world and enjoyed his favorite past time.

Talk about an expensive high!  Take a look at how it all went down and watch other episodes here.

Finally as no supprise the Philadelphia man who stabbed Nicki Minaj and Riahnna's tour manager, 29-year old Devon Pickett, to death has been charged with the murder.   Page Six reports, on top of being charged with attempted murder for severely injuring Pickett's co-worker Eric Parker, 31-year-old Pierce Boykin has been charged with Pickett’s murder.

Homicide Capt. James Clark, Boykin is currently in custody.  For more on today's news and celeb birthday's listen to Tha Wire now!


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