It's been all good for R. Kelly these days.  He recently released his memoir Soulacoaster : The Diary Of Me and it's available everywhere.

This week he had several publicity stops including some late night talk show stops.  However, he was forced to pull the plug on all of that do to some health issues.  Get all the details on Kell's condition now with Tha Wire.  Scroll down and press play to get the 411.

In other news, Rhianna had a close call this weekend in a London hotel and she along with 300 guest were forced to evacuate do to an emergency.  Find out what happened now.  Plus, this may come as a total shocker, but Snoop was recently busted for have weed in his possession.  Learn where he was when it happened now.

Finally, W.I.P, Chris Brown and Drake aren't the only ones still facing backlash from the bottle-throwing fight

over two weeks again.  Meek Mill wasn't allowed into a NYC club recently.  Get all the details on that and all of the above right now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: