This Marine lance corporal has a 17-day window to get home to his family for Christmas, and his sister is working hard to get him there. Maybe you can help?

"My name is C and my little brother, M, is a marine. My family and I have not seen him in 10 months because he has been stationed in Japan. He called us not too long ago to tell us that he has 17 days leave for Christmas but the cost of the ticket is over 1,000. My brother has been serving in the marines for a year and I thought by entering him and my family, it would help us and him out a lot with cost to get him home. We miss him dearly and are so proud of our Lance Corporal and all that he has accomplished in his time of being a marine. I do not believe it's fair for him to serve and have to pay for his airfare to get home. Please help us out and we would be so thankful for your kindness of doing this. 10 months is a long time and after he goes back we won't see him for another year because he will be stationed somewhere else overseas. Please consider this application and God bless."

Submitted:  Monday, Nov. 10, 9:04 a.m.

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