A double aneurism has put a Georgia man out of commission for months. His best friend wants to see him home in Louisiana with his mother this year.  Is yours the helping hand he needs?

My best friend in the world P lives in Atlanta Georgia and this year he had a double aneurism and was hospitalized for two months and out of work for six months. His wife has polio and not able to work so their savings was wiped out. P’s mom lives in Gonzales Louisiana and not in good health right now. P wants to be able to spend Christmas with his mom but not able to afford to make it since his episode this year. He lost his dad and his brother years ago and he is worried that with his mother's health like it is that this might be her last Christmas and it is really tearing him up inside knowing he can't make it home for Christmas to be with her. I talk to him each day and I feel his pain and myself and P would greatly appreciate the help. We have left the matter in the Lord’s hands and we pray about it every day.

Submitted:  Thursday, Nov. 13, 8:55 a.m.

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