Today in Tha Wire all everyone ever talks about this time of the year is the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. It's a party with a purpose that nobody wants to miss every year 4th of July weekend in one of the most exciting cities on the planet! If you've never gone, you owe it to yourself to go at least once to experience the music, the culture, the party scene, the fashion and of course the food. Essence is truly an event for all the senses and unlike any other festival you've ever been too.

Attire is high fashion and trendy. Every event is a fashion show be it, walking throughout the city by day, attending evening events, or dressing to slay for all the night-time concerts, clubs and parties. Bring your best you! Make sure your hair, nails and feet are did! Bring your fliest white outfits too, because Essence is famous for White Parties. Essence is also a grown and sexy festival, so leave the kids at home. EVERYWHERE you go it's gonna be a grown folks affair. Your not gonna see fights, sagging pants, or have to deal with ignorant behavior. Somewhere around 200 thousands tourist come from around the globe to New Orleans just for the Essence Fest, and everybody . It's exciting. Take a look at Essence 2017, 2018 Marketplace events below, along with a 2019 Weekend Preview.

New Orleans is July is unbelievably HOT! So make sure you have at least two day-time outfits, because you are going to sweat your butt off rain or shine. There's no escaping the Louisiana humidity and heat. COMFORT SHOES ARE A MUST!!!! Do not think you can walk all day on uneven century-old slate and brick sidewalks/roads in heels ladies. Your feet will be finished in less than one day. Save the cute shoes for events you plan on taking a cab to. Btw, call a cab/Uber/Lift early if you wanna get on time! Here's some other tips.

If you know like I know, invest in a few "comfort shoe brands" and your feet won't be sore. Be comfortable and be prepared to walk, and sweat like never before, it may even rain. Closed toed shoes are highly recommended, especially at night when your about and about on Frenchman or Bourbon Street. New Orleans, especially around festival time, is a park and walk city. Besides parking is expensive (around $50 per night/per spot) and scarce at that. Park your vehicle is a secure location or parking garage, and leave it there till it's time to leave. You don't want it on the street if you can help it, because it may not look like it did when you got there.

Hydrate yourself. Drink as much water as you can. Did I tell you how hot it's going to be? You can literally walk everywhere you wanna go, and the city is so rich with Louisiana culture one could eat, drink and catch live entertainment on every corner. NOLA never closes, so it's never to late to do any of those things. The party is in most case just outside your door!

Essence is a unique experience in that it's all about self love, natural hair, skin care, education, spiritual enlightenment, and the celebration of music/entertainment/and the arts. Celebrities are everywhere! Don't be surprised if you bump into Common on Canal Street or Lisa Ray at the Essence Market Place, it's happened to me! It's an amazing experience. Don't miss the Conferences, The Gospel Celebration, The Essence Market, Exhibits at the download the Essence Music Festival App and stay up to date on all the daily events, places and times

Speaking of which websites like, offer a great source of info on most things poppin' with the party scene during Essence. These sites also sell tickets and VIP access and below are links to several events going down plus concert line-ups, special event and more:

NOLA FESTIVAL Weekend 2019 @ LeMERIDIEN HOTEL (Formerly the W-HOTEL) -Thursday July 4 through Sunday July 7, 2019 - Featuring LaLa Anthony, Terrence J, Toya Wright, Ginuwine, DJ Skillz and much more. 

Click Here for even more party details and tickets!!!!

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