Today in Tha Wire Broward County authorities are on the hunt for another suspect believed to be involved in the murder of rising rap star, XXXTentacion. Previous reports from last week revealed one murder suspect, Dedrick D. Williams, was arrested and remains in custody. As the investigation continues, HotNewHipHop reports police have named a new person of interest. By the looks of his rap sheet, if they catch him, prove he had dealings in the heinous crime, this dude will never leave prison again.

In developments in the case, TMZ obtained a report that names 22-year old, Robert Allen, as a possible suspect. For now police are saying they only want to question him. However Allen's known for making some bad decisions. He's been in legal trouble, damn near as long as he's been alive. Among his laundry list of felonies, in 2015 alone dude collected charges for everything from cocaine trafficking, grand theft, a few concealed weapon charges, to driving with no seatbelt. Not to mention catching two warrants for possession of the synthetic party drug, PVP/Flakka.

His trouble didn't end there. In 2016, Allen racked-up an unbelievable 22 felonies! This time around the majority of his charges stemmed from manning a fake ID operation. He's real piece of work right? The thug caught identity fraud charges for stealing info that went with the fake cards, and wound up being placed on 45 months of probation as of last December. However, if he messed up within the first 7 months he's go to jail for a very long time.

Well, if he had something to do with X's tragic murder his days were numbered anyway. At last word Allen has gone ghost, with law enforcement was hot on his trail. We'll keep our ear to the street and keep you posted with further developments in the case. Stay in the know with the latest entertainment news with Tha Wire, and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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