According to AllHipHop, a kid got too close for comfort to 50 Cent as he sat in his car, and the “I’m the Man” rapper smacked his hand away.

As the camera man approaches the drop top Rolls Royce, 50 Cent seems to be on the phone, and a kid is also approaching. The kid reach’s his hand inside the car toward the rapper and he quickly slaps his hand away. Apparently he's serious about his personal space. Can’t say that I blame him, but damn.

Back in April, 50 had to check a few fans for grabbing at him during a show, so it comes as no surprise how he reacted toward the kid. After all, he’s led a pretty intense life where he’s had to pay close attention to his surroundings.

Though I don’t see what the fuss is about, maybe he could have at least talked to the kid about reaching his hand into people’s cars and dapped him up. Fit’s a grown man though, so he’s going to do as he pleases.

Sorry folks, it’s a slow news day.

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