A nosey older woman in Miami got herself on the receiving end of a slap from the young woman she was harassing. A lesson to you nosey folks to mind your damn business.

The lady approached the young woman who was out walking her dog “Mojito,” about being on private property in the neighborhood. It soon became clear at her admission, that the older woman had no say so over the property, but continued to harass the young woman. Things escalated when the older woman proceeded to approach the young woman closer to “grab at her," and thats when the young woman struck her with what seemed to be a slap or punch of some sort.

The young woman was recording the entire ordeal on her cell phone, and quickly warned "Grab at my camera again, and I’ll hit you again” she exclaimed. The older woman’s shrieking voice can be heard, where she screams “Oh my God! You just hit me!"

The nosey lady is later seen being arrested for assault at the end of the video clip originally seen via Baller Alert’s Instagram.

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