The old saying goes "never bring a knife to a gun fight." I think it's now proper that we add never bring a fake gun to a robbery. The robbers in the video found out the hard way that the security guard didn't care about their fake gun, at all, and shot both of the suspects, wounding them.

According to the website The Daily Caller, the incident was caught on surveillance video at a 7-11 store in Hamilton, New Jersey on Thursday evening. One robber pulls the gun and hops over the counter demanding the clerk fork over the money, as the second robber also hops over the counter, and immediately realize they made a big mistake.

The security guard walks in right after and shoots one, and then approaches the second one who's stooped behind the counter and shoots him as well, only wounding them both. The robbers tell him the gun is fake to which he replies "Mines is real!"

You can't make any of this up, watch the video for yourself. I watched it 3 times, and as sad as it is, it's also hard to keep from laughing, thanks to the security guards line that will soon become a viral trend, "Mines is real!"

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