Two men are walking along in a parking garage when they are confronted by a guard dog that apparently broke free from it’s chain. Immediately, one of the guys is out of there and completely out of site while the other man fends off the vicious dog. It’s all caught on video.

What would you do if you met face to face with a guard dog that broke free from it’s chain? This guy seemed to handle it better than most people would have.

The one thing that may have saved him a bite in the trousers is that he didn’t turn around and run, he actually stood up to the dog and fought him off with his foot. I’m quite sure if that dog would have gotten ahold to one of his arms, it would have been a different show. Though it’s hard to fathom, your best bet would probably be to stand up and not show any fear.

All of that is easier said than done, but if you know how to stay calm in tense situation, it may just spare you a trip to the E.R., and save the seat of your favorite pair of pants.

Eventually the dog gives up and goes away, while the man slowly walks away, while his friend was still no where to be found. Some friend, right?

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