How 50 Cent managed to find the time to be the guest editor of the New York Daily News this week is a mystery, considering he has a solo career, does G-Unit stuff and has his hands in multiple business. However, he accomplished the feat and along the way he revealed some very interesting news.

In between conducting his editing duties, the 'Animal Ambition' creator took time out to answer some fan questions and one of them was about working with Eminem again.

"Yeah, we got a new song together on my new album," 50 revealed. "So you'll get a chance to hear that shortly."

News of the former label mates working together again will certainly please those who loved their previous collaborations ('Hail Mary, 'Patiently Waiting,' You Don't Know,' 'My Life'). 50's laid-back deliver paired with Em's precise flow makes for an entertaining listen -- not to mention hearing the two of them on a song will spark all kinds of nostalgia for folks.

Also, it's good to see the '8 Mile' rapper and the G-Unit leader still friends since they parted ways on the business tip in February of last year.

Besides the new song update, 50 also spoke about his celebrity crushes, having groupies jump out of hotel closets and who his biggest influences were growing up.

"Run-D.M.C., Jam Master J was my mentor," he said. "Nas is a big influence. The whole Juice crew."

You can read the entire exchange between 50 Cent and his fans here.

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