Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.  Had he still been with us, he would be turning 85 today.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- photo by Reg Lancaster via Getty Images

I couldn't let the day go by without recognizing him and thanking him for his courage, intellect, strength, grace, class, pride, self control and profound words of truth, endearment and encouragement.  His historic words still resonate today, offering timeless lessons we can still learn from and have yet to overcome as a nation.  His legacy lives in his people, legendary speeches, autobiographical book, TV programs and film. Take your entire family to see Selma and relive his journey.

If your get an opportunity visit The King Center, located in his hometown Atlanta Georgia on the situated on the street he grew-up on Auburn Avenue, better known as Sweet Auburn.   Your never to young or old to discover him and learn the history surrounding his life and the legacy he left behind.   Be sure to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in DC and if you really wanna see something spectacular, go to The Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN.

He will forever be celebrated and honored for his greatness, love of God and audacity to take a stand against hatred, racial inequality, bigotry and oppression.

Dr. King, we thank you and we will never forget................