What's your method for choosing your lottery numbers? Some people play the same numbers every time they play. Others let the computer pick the numbers for their ticket for them. Still, others will use a combination of ages, birthdays, special dates, or suggestions from the back of a comic book to take their chance at winning a life changing fortune.

Tonight's Powerball jackpot would certainly be life changing. Organizers with the multistate lottery now believe the jackpot at drawing time tonight will exceed $700 million. The one-time cash payout is estimated to be $443.3 million.

So, is there a better method to picking the winning numbers? Not really. However, there are statistics that verify what numbers are most likely to be "called" during the course of a draw. Those stats were gleaned by studying a number of drawings over a number of years.

The drawing is tonight at 9:59 and all ticket sales must cease at least one hour before that. If you choose to play we wish you the best of luck and encourage you to play responsibly.


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