The man we all know as "Pinky" from the Friday movie has been accused of rape in Louisiana from 2011.

A Lousiana woman, using the name Kiayante Myers, is claiming Powell raped her in 2011 in a hotel room. According to reports, the woman admits that the sex was initially consensual between the two,but, after asking him to stop, Powell, continued having sex with her and even covered her mouth with his hand. Myers reported the incident last year but police did not pursue Powell citing lack of evidence. She has now brought her case to federal court and is asking for upwards of $75,000 dollars in damages. Powell vehemently denies the accusations, saying he has been falsely accused and that he will be taking legal action against the woman.


There are several speculations to the legitimacy of the case, but as soon as we hear more details, we will let you know. Hopefully things can get resolved quietly.

Clifton Powell As Pinky In "Friday After Next"

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