Friday fans rejoice: John Witherspoon--who played the role of Ice Cube's character's father in the franchise--says another addition to the classic hood movie franchise. He said as much in brief annoucement made to the folks at Power 95.3.

"I was at the airport and I saw Ice Cube. Cube said he wants to do another Friday," Witherspoon says during his appearance at the radio station. "He said he wants to meet with me last week--this week, but he couldn't make it, but we're going to meet next week to get things together."

A few seconds later, Witherspoon can be seen yelling along with the other radio personalities in the video, giving credit to the "new guy at Warner Bros." for pushing the long-awaited sequel forward.

Now, this in no way means a Friday sequel will actually be coming out any time soon, but it does offer up a sliver of hope for fans. It feels like a longshot, but you've got to have hope. The thing is, it also comes down to time, which Cube probably doesn't have a lot of.

Recently, the legendary rapper-actor solidified the details of surrounding the first game of his newly launched BIG3 basketball league. The new professional basketball league, which features former basketball stars competing against one another in games of three-on-three. That game will take place on June 25, and once it starts up, there's no telling how popular it will get and how much time Cube will have to devote to a new Friday movie. We'll have to see.

You can see Witherspoon's announcement in the video below.

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