The old saying is that a fool and his money shall soon pass. Well after looking at this video, I don't think it's hard to see who the fool might be, Adrien Broner is a pretty decent fighter at most, but he is also pretty full of himself as well.

Recently he was pulled over for drinking and driving and from the looks of the surveillence video. The alcohol only heightened the ego driven fighter even more. It also made him actually think that he was intoxicated. Anyway the officer seemed to be pretty nice and things didn't turn out to bad. Check out the video below of the situation

Adrien Broner Is Pulled Over For Driving While Intoxicated:

While the officer was very cordial with Adrien, there is still an issue of drinking and driving and if he wouldn't have been caught, it could have a possiblity of it turning out to be a little worse. Remember it doesn't matter how much money you have, you should still be respectful and tactful when you are out on the town. This also shows that while alot of cops are catching a bad rep, there are some good ones out there who want to actually look out for you.

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