It's been a while since we've seen a new season of Adult Swim's "Black Jesus", and I've got to say, I'm having withdrawals. That show is hilarious with comedian Slink Johnson playing the role of Jesus Christ. But why hasn't there been a new season since November 27, 2015's Season 2: Episode 11? I'm not quite sure, but maybe a pending lawsuit had a bit to do with the hold on a Season 3. Like I said, I don't know for sure.

According to TMZ, a judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the show from a writer named Saint Solomon who claimed the series was a rip off of his short story "Thank You, Jesus," that also features an African American Jesus. Sucks for him though, the judge ruled that besides being black, the 2 Christs aren't the same, said documents obtained by the news site. He also added, "Ideas are not protected by copyright."

Solomon was requesting $75 million from Adult Swim, but he can basically hang up the chance of getting a dime.

According to Wikipedia, "Black Jesus" has been renewed for a third season. Let us... Hope? I'll go with hope, don't want to tick off real Jesus by saying "pray."

[Source: TMZ]

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