The TODAY Show did a story about the REAL ID and how long Americans in every state have to be compliant with the law. In the wake of 9/11 Congress passed the REAL ID Act in 2005, in an effort to combat terrorism. It took 18 years, but on October 1, 2020 the new federal standards will go into effect for American citizens to replace their state-issued driver's licence and non-driver identification cards with the REAL ID.

Wednesday this week, TODAY outlined all the details and potential headaches Americans will want to avoid with making the transition. Trust, there will be plenty of headaches to go around because their reporting 73% of the country hasn't made the transition yet. By the way, the only place to get the REAL ID is at the DMV! So if you think the process of getting a regular ID is slow, you haven't seen anything yet. The closer the October 2020 approaches, the longer your wait is going to be. This is precisely why TSA is doing all they can to get the word out. Here's a word of advice...go get yours now.

For more info below are FAQ'S about the REAL ID -

What forms or documents to I need to apply for a REAL ID?                                   1.) Four forms of identification (two with proof of address) to apply for your enhanced driver's license to include :   a valid driver's license/ID, passport, Military ID, Social Security card, birth certificate, utility bill, payroll stub, rent or a mortgage payment. If your last name has changed bring a marriage or divorce certificate.

If I don't get a REAL ID, can I still get through airport security?
2.) Yes, BUT not with a regular driver's license. You will can use a Military ID, valid passport, or Global Entry card. There are no other exceptions.

Are all states requiring the REAL ID?
3.) Yes. By the October 1, 2020 deadline all states will enforce compliance.

Will it cost more to get one?                                                                                            No. It costs the same as a regular driver's license or ID. Click REAL ID in Louisiana for more details on state requirements.

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