Violence in the Hip Hop game is nothing new. However, it is becoming more prevalent than ever. Over the past week, we have lost Chicago rapper King Von and Dallas rapper Mo3 from gun violence. Just over the weekend, Boosie was shot in Dallas while there to pay respects to his artist MO3 and Buffalo rapper Benny The Butcher was shot in Houston in an attempted robbery.

These are four gun-related situations within a week, and I hate to say it, but chances are it's just getting started. Many will attempt to demonize the music, and while I don't believe in censorship in any form, I do believe that artists can't speak on things they don't know. Although once they get the taste of something different, the content should reflect the change of things.

Another thing many on the outside need to realize is that many of these artists come from the streets and oftentimes are gang affiliated. Many are from rival cliques, and this brings even more confusion to the situation. To convince change with any of these entities is going to seriously take an act of Congress with many at the top. I don't know what will change the situation, as much of it is due to jealousy. There is much related to rivalries and some just feel they have nothing else to do. I believe in mentorship, conversations, and discussions between our elders and the young ones coming up in the game.

There needs to be some serious dialogue. I also feel like the content should really showcase a different vibe of things, and this should come from the powers that be. I can only hope we will see a change soon. There are too many fathers, brothers, and sons being taken away from us too soon due to problems that a conversation could help resolve. Only time will tell, but I truly feel like it can happen if the right entities become involved.

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