Although we prefer not to think about it, the truth is we may be in for a little visit on this week. Unfortunatley it won't be a friendly visit, more like that old friend or relative that you wish would stay at home. Well Hurricane Issac is that unwelcomed visitor and regardless of how we feel about it, he may just decide to drop in possible Wednesday. The question is, are you ready if he comes by?Well according to Noaa, you may wanna take a read over their Hurricane Preparedness list and see if there is something that is not on the list, that you may need. A good majority of us have had to deal with a Hurricane or two and regardless of how much you may feel like you are ready, you can never be to sure. Make sure you keep it here for more details on the latest about Hurricane Issac. It's funny I remember Issac being a little more friendly when he was the bartender on "The Love Boat"

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