When I heard the news of the passing of Blues legend and I do mean Legend B.B. King. I felt that deep in my core. Being a fellow Mississippian I grew up listening to his music for years. Now I will admit that I am a hip hop child to the heart. Great music can not be denied and when it comes to great music, Mr. King is the epitome of that. I ran across this video of a perfomance at Farm Aid from years ago. While he was on stage he was playing the hell out of Lucille. While the average eye didn't see it, a string broke, and he changed it on stage without missing a beat.

There are not many folks who can do much of anything without getting off track. B.B. King changed the string, still performed and was ready to start playing again before his final set. I couldn't believe it when I saw it and had to share to the many fans out there who love great music and showmanship. This man gave it all and everything that he had. Check out this video and know that they simply don't make them like him anymore. You can tuck his shows away in a locked box, because no one is going to fill them.

B.B. King Changes broken string on stage during performance:

Today we mourn the loss and celebrate the life of blues legend BB King. We're honored that he graced the stage at the...

Posted by Farm Aid on Friday, May 15, 2015

R.I.P to the great and keep his music alive. There are alot of younger performers regardless of your genre who really needs to pay attention to this man. Like I said it doesn't matter what you listen to, you have to show respect for those who paved the way. B.B. King not only paved the way, but he solidified himself as a part of history.