Everyone is still very sensitive on the subject of Police Brutality and the latest incident with Baltimore. We all saw the video where the mom saw her son in the streets and checks him on video. Alot of folks have given her flack, obviously because it was publicizes, but she stated that he is her only son and you can only imagine what was going on through her mind when she saw him out there. CBS recently caught up with here and got her side of the story.


Baltimore Mother Speaks On Infamous Video:

Being a parent of a 17 year old son, I can only imagine how I would have felt, For that matter how my wife would have felt. If that is our only son or one of many, we don't want to lose our kids. There is something to be said about a parent or any adult who is concerned about the well being of kids and their safety. I am a firm believer that I would rather deal with my child or discipline my child then to have someone who has no concern or interest in our kids in a positive manner.

While people are quick to judge, we should know the entire story and she should not be condemned because of her actions. She did what she felt she had to do as a parent and I would hope that this will prolong years to his life and possibly have him where he goes in the right direction and can be the modeled citizen that we want him to be in society.

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