Internet comedian Alpha Cat releases his latest President Barack Obama inspired skit, a spoof on Drakes “Back to Back."

Rapper Drake has inspired many renditions of his now infamous Meek Mill diss record “Back to Back,” and several covers have followed, but none have matched the shock value, or originality. Enter Alpha Cat, with his infamous impersonations of the 44th President of the United States, and then we’ve got action.

Alpha Cat does his best impersonation of the POTUS and disses Donald Trump with lines like:

“I’m not sure what is was that really made you mad, but you can’t diss Mexicans and try to take that back. I mean, whoa!”

And my personal favorite:

"Can’t fool my country, man, they know what’s up. I wrote these bars while Michelle gave me a shoulder rub.” You’ll make American better? I laugh so hard I’m crying. Mmmmmm oh my God, why you always lying?!"

I hope the president gets to see the spoof, I think it would definitely make him laugh out loud, literally. Oddly enough, the president has actually met the man behind his likeness.

Check out Drake’s “Back to Back Freestyle” below, in case you haven’t heard it.

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