Would people have flocked to see Saturday Night Fever if the movie (and the Bee Gees’ song) had kept the name of the article that inspired the film, “Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night?” Does John Wick become one of the decade’s signature action heroes if his creators stuck with their original plan, and called his movie Scorn? Would The Breakfast Club have become a generation-defining moment if John Hughes had released it under its originally proposed title, The Lunch Bunch?

Maybe; maybe not. Either way, a movie’s title can have an enormous impact on a film’s success — and on the world at large, since some titles have become so famous they’ve passed into our shared lexicon. Determining a good or bad movie title can be extremely subjective (although I think we can all agree that Army of Darkness should have been called The Medieval Dead) and when choosing “the best,” there are literally thousands upon thousands of contenders to choose from. So take the list below of the greatest movie titles ever as one website’s opinion, and the start of a longer conversation on the subject. In ascending order, our picks are...

The Best Movie Titles in History

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