Today in Tha Wire first it was a beer company, now a pop-up eatery is tryin' it, by using Beyonce's name and likeness. You would think people would already know not to do this, but apparently not. According to AllHipHop another New York business thought they would get away with using Beyonce' to sell their product. Just last month the singers legal team had to mail a beer company a lil "pump the breaks," letter when it  announced they were naming and selling a tribute brew in her honor.

Pitchfork reports Bieryonce', was the being produced by Lineup Brewing in Brooklyn. The owner, Katarina Martinez, said it was all love. That she was just inspired by Beyonce' and what's she done with her career, so she wanted to pay homage to her. Being an owner of the brewing company they concocted the easy-drinking beverage, and introduced it to Brooklyn October 2016 as a limited edition. It turned out to be such a huge hit, so Martinez decided to relaunch the tribute beverage again in November.

That was a little team-to-much, and Queen Bey's lawyers felt it was time to send the Latin brew tastemaker a cease-and-desist notice. Much to her dismay, Brooklyn's First Lady of Beer shutdown production of Bieryonce'. Martinez told Pitchfork, "We're disappointed she didn't take it as a compliment, but oh well. It was fun while it lasted!" The truth is, Beyonce was extremely flattered and grateful that Lineup Brewing wanted to pay tribute to her. However, she can't allow them or anyone else to make money off her like that.

A month later, here we go again! Another NYC establishment, co-owned by mixologist, Ivy Mix, is infringing on the Beyonce' trademark. In the latest reports a Latin cocktail bar and restaurant in Brooklyn called, Leyenda, just got a "shut-it-down" letter from Bey's camp. Word has it the owners of the pop-up joint wanted to flip the script for the month of December and honor the Formation diva using a Christmas theme. That's pretty much were they infringed on her trademark too.

First they renamed the bar and restaurant, "Sleyenda," for the month an obvious  reference to Mrs. Carter's "I Slay" phrase. Then, the Brooklyn hotspot reworked their menus to look like Beyonce Christmas cards. Again, it was a move inspired out of mad love for superstar. At the same time, it's a money making gimmick, using the singers image and trademark materials, without her permission. That's illegal.

Her reps regretfully mailed the eatery a legal letter. Bey's management tried to make sure the owners understood the Grammy award-winning star was grateful for their support. However violating her trademark is not something they're gonna overlook, and warned if the pan-Latin cocktail joint continued with their business idea there would be problems.

The legal notice was obtained by bloggers at Eater New York., and excerpts of the letter read, "It appears that you are a dedicated fan of Mrs. Carter, and for that support, Mrs. Carter thanks you. There is a line, however, between fandom and infringement of intellectual property rights, and we are concerned that this pop-up bar will cross that line." The letter went on to tell Leyenda owners,"Please know that Mrs. Carter and BGK (her company) do not wish to initiate legal proceedings against you, but unless you comply with the foregoing demands, they will not be left with many options for protecting their rights."

Ivy Mix later told Eater NY she was "a little bummed (Beyonce) didn't share the enthusiasm," and that they've honored other strong female stars at that venue in the past. At the end of the day, they would do the same thing if they were Beyonce. So they can't really be mad at that.


On a lighter note! SNL is always making funny skits to poke fun at real life synerious. Here's a hilarious skit they did on Queen Bey.  Enjoy! Don't cross the line or f*** wit the Queen Bey, because THE BEYGENCY is gonna come for you!

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