Despite Cash Money Records’ recent legal woes, the label is still one of the most iconic conglomerates in rap music. Founders Birdman and his brother Slim have been in the game for decades and are the force behind the Hot Boyz, Juvenile and Lil Wayne’s rise to hip-hop royalty. Now Baby says he wants to tell the story behind the Cash Money brand in a Straight Outta Compton inspired biopic.

Baby and Slim applauded the producers behind the N.W.A film and how they brought the group's life story to the big screen.

"They are geniuses for what they have done and accomplished," Birdman told XXL. "Cube been doing what he do for so long, but for them to do that and to make it trend-setting, it opened doors for us,” he continued. “I just think that what we have is way more special because we're in modern time.”

Slim and Baby want to show the world what went on behind the music. "There's a lot of things that people don't know that we have been through,” Slim said, "and things that happened behind the scenes of the company and things that happened before we were with Universal."

"We've got a story. The way I'm putting it together is going to be great," he added. "It's going to be special."

It sounds exciting. Slim and Baby seem to be in the early stages of script writing. Would you go and a Cash Money biopic? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Baby and Slim Talk About a Cash Money Biopic

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