Today in Tha Wire Jas Prince looks to make good on a promise his dad, James Prince, founder of Rap-A-Lot Records made years collect on royalties Cash Money (CMB) owes him.  A longstanding legal battle has been going on between the two parities for several years now, and it's all over Drake.

As of late Jas has reportedly filed a new lawsuit and going after the men standing at the top of Cash Money, of course that being Birdman and Slim.  According to reports by TMZ, Prince just wants the Nola music moguls to honor a contract .  The whole issue stems back to when Drake was originally signed.  For a quick backstory, Jas actually discovered Drake.  He and his dad, reportedly met up with Lil Wayne and his manager Cortez Bryant back in 2012/2013 to get Dreezy a record deal.

Story goes they signed a contract, got Drake a management team through Aspire Music Group (CMB affiliate at the time,) and his record deal with Young Money (YM).  As we know Dreezy went on the become the mega superstar he is today.  However Jas's contract has never been honored and that's why he's suing.  In the said agreement, he was suppose receive 1/3 of Drake's royalties.  Yet after all this time, he claims he hasn't been given a dime.  To be clear, his issue isn't with Weezy nor Drake, it's with Cash Money.  Matter of fact Jas and Wayne pretty much have the same problem, they can't get paid unless Birdman says so.

Why?  Though Drake is technically signed to Young Money, the label is operating under the umbrella of CMB.  Birdman controls the label so he also controls all the publishing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, promotion, recordings, videos and more importantly THE MONEY.  This is why Weezy's Carter IV hasn't dropped, why he can't release it himself, leave the label, or get royalties he's suing for.   Birdman and Slim control everything.

This is also why, Jas has filed a new lawsuit naming them personally.  So far nothing has worked.  As far as lawsuits against CMB, he'll have to get in line.  The label has developed a notorious rep for NOT paying people.  Currently there are several suits pending against the iconic label, do to disputes over non-payment.

Peep the video below and listen to Jas explain the situation in his own words:

TMZ reports Birdman hasn't paid Prince a dime in the royalty dispute, and unfortunately this whole thing has the potential to get really nasty.  Meanwhile last week the gossip site caught up to James Prince, and got him to give a statement on his son and the lawsuit. Below listen to what he had to say:

Sounds like a threat to me.  Not sure if it will work though.  So far Birdman hasn't made any public statements on the matter.  I will keep you posted with any further details.  In the meantime, listen to Tha Wire daily on The People's Station 107 Jamz to stay in the know.

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