This past Saturday morning while working. I saw that we lost a movie icon and my favorite James Bond. The actor Sean Connery passed away. This was a guy who could master any role he played, and he will be missed. In less than what seemed like an hour later, I started seeing the trending of another familiar name in the industry.

Bishop Rance Allen also passed away this Saturday. When I tell you this man could sing so well, even Mariah Carey would blush. Several years ago, Kirk Franklin had released a song called Something About The Name Jesus and Mr. Allen made that song what it is today. Bishop Rance Allen passed away at the age of 71 due to complications from a medical procedure, and it seemed like the world stopped.

While there are many who are not familiar with his music outside of the Gospel world, he was truly inspirational and influential to many of your favorite artists you listen to now. I got the opportunity to meet him when he came to Lake Charles several years ago, and he put on a show. Hearing this man sing truly brought out nothing but tears from many in the audience. I would say that I was one of those in tears. He will truly be missed from his family as well as his musical family. Check out some of his greatest musical moments below.

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