You can ask my wife how disappointed I was when Charlies the character played by Deon Cole left the show. While we do understand that most things come to an end. I couldn't have said that I saw this coming as his character was a pretty intricate part of the show.


Well a few weeks ago during an episode of Blackish, Charlie returned to the show and my wife can vouch for how happy I was. He has already made his impact felt with his return and I have him here as he is chopping it up with the crew from The Breakfast Club.


Deon Cole Interview With The Breakfast Club:


For those who thinks that he is new to this, check out his tv sitcom that he had a few years ago and also watch him do standup as well and lets just say that he is finally back and I am completely happy.


Deon Cole Black Box Television Show:


Deon Cole Standup: