Dallas, TX -- A blind former gang member turned anti-gang activist fights off two armed teens.

According to WFAA, on Aug. 23 Lamont Levels was walking to his South Dallas home, after exchanging larger bills for smaller bills at a local store. Two teenagers attacked him, with one hitting him in the head with what he believed was a gun, and then knocked him to the ground. Levels thought he was shot for something he had done in the past. The teens did take his money, but not without him taking their gun and firing off a shot.

“The police couldn’t believe that a blind guy had disarmed two robbery suspects,” Levels told WFAA.

“Back in my day, when I was a gang member, we respected our senior citizens, our elderly, and our disabled,” he said. “I see why so many of our young kids are dying — because they have no respect for no one.”

Levels was shot 15 years ago during a bad drug deal that left him blind. He was one of eight original founders of the first Bloods gang in Dallas, but now runs a non-profit Now Eye See, Inc, that is dedicated to gang intervention.

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