A set of videos of young women taking ice cream from store freezers, licking them, then returning them to the freezer have gone viral, and one company is searching for one of these women.

What's most insane is that this video stems from a challenge, and sadly there are more videos like it. See the video below as a young woman removes the lid from a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream and returns it to the freezer.

WAFB spoke with Blue Bell, who issued a statement:

“This type of incident will not be tolerated,” said Blue Bell when asked about the video by WAFB. “Food safety is a top priority, and we work hard to provide a safe product and maintain the highest level of confidence from our consumers.”

Something to keep in mind for anyone who's considered participating in this latest "challenge", is that food tampering may lead to felony charges in some states, according to the news site. More so, it's flat out disgusting.

For consumers concerned about purchasing products that have been tampered with, Blue Bell issued a second statement.

“During production, our half gallons are flipped upside down and sent to a hardening room where the ice cream freezes to the lid creating a natural seal. The lids are frozen tightly to the carton. Any attempt at opening the product should be noticeable.”

[Source: WAFB]

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