Blueface has been quiet on the music front, but it looks like he's keeping himself busy with his new business venture.

On Tuesday (June 15), a video surfaced of the "Thotiana" rapper showing off his new restaurant on his Instagram Story. The eatery is called Blue's Fish & Soul and it's located in Santa Clara, Calif.

In the clip, Blueface is walking around in the back kitchen area where several people are preparing and serving the food. The 24-year-old Cash Money West artist then reveals his signature drink, the Blueface lemonade. In another segment, Blue shows his fans what his favorite order is at the restaurant—a signature plate called Blue's Athlete Platter—which consists of fried shrimp, collard greens and a side order of macaroni and cheese.

Blueface also talks to the customers inside the establishment and asks them how the food tastes. One customer says, "It's fire," while another patron smiles and exclaims the food, "slaps," which is Bay Area slang for "it's really good."

The rhymer also notes that the restaurant is hiring. "We are looking for new employees if anybody wants to come. Help is wanted," he shares.

Blueface isn't the only rapper launching his own eatery. During a Zoom conversation with XXL on Jan. 14, Lil Baby revealed that he'll be opening a restaurant in Atlanta.

"Actually, I have a new restaurant and I'ma open it in Atlanta," he told XXL, which he describes will have a lounge-y type of vibe. "It was supposed to be open by January, but we had to finish the stages, so maybe, February, March."

Lil Baby said the menu will feature Southern comfort dishes and libations. "You know, lamb chops, lobster tails, rice, stuff like that," he added. "A little music, alcohol. Stuff like that."

It's always good to see rappers expand their portfolios and launch business ventures in their own communities.

Watch Blueface show off his new soul food restaurant Blue's Fish & Soul below.

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