As know real surprise, Whitney Houston left her pride and joy Bobbi Kristina EVERYTHING.  Whitney took care of her business that's for sure, careful to dot every i and cross every t when it came to her daughter.  A 19-page court document perfectly laid out the way Whitney wanted her baby girl to receive her fortune. 


Bobby Brown is also mentioned in the will.  Find out more about how Whitney will take care of her baby girl with today's Wire.  Also, don't miss Bobbi Kristina's in what's being said to be her "only" interview this Sunday with Oprah on the OWN Network.

In other news, Game is being sued by police officers from Greensboro to the tune of $5 million in a defamation lawsuit.  Find out why and what he plans on doing about it.  Plus, he's also starring down an additional $10 million suit by those same officers.  Press play to get the scoop with Tha Wire.



Jay-Z might be forced to share a portion of his concert revenue with the family of an Egyptian composer who's suing him over "Big Pimpin".  That people, his a HUGE amount of money too.  This lawsuit has been going on pretty much ever since the Timbaland produced "mega hit" hit the air.

Get the latest on all the drama now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: 



Anyone who really knows me, knows I am a avid animal lover.  I'm a big time dog lover and a super doper Pit Bull advocate.  So it warms my heart that for the second time Waka Flocka Flame is teaming up with PETA.  In the following video the rap superstar takes a break from his PETA photo shoot to talk about the joys and responsibilities of caring for a dog.



As I said, this is Waka second time teaming up with PETA.  Believe it or not, stripped down to his birthday suit in support of PETA's  "Ink Not Mink" campaign.  Waka is well known for rockin' ink and bling.  He's got some street cred as well, but underneath all that is a heart of gold.  Waka Flocka Flame is a huge animal lover and is giving a shout-out to all the helpless fuzzy animals who are killed for their fur.  The tough guy rapper showed some skin to help save animals lives.




Now that's cool.  At the end of the day, stand for something.  Though he doesn't have a squeaky clean image, at least he is trying to do positive things.  Speaking of which, he's not just standing up for animals he's also taking a stand against children who are being bullied. Proclaiming himself the Bully Beater of 2012, Waka Flocka charged fans via members of the press to be diligent in their stance against bullying.

SEA Snap-Back 1


The Multi-platinum hip hop artist joined forces with SEA Brand Clothing and Complex Magazine and recently  hosted the launch of his custom Brick Squad Monopoly snapback.  25% of all sales from the SEA/BSM custom snapback will be donated to the Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Waka and the crew from SEA


So, like I said though he ain't no angel, the brotha is giving back in a major way.  I commend him for doing that, because there's a lot he could be doing with his time....yet he chooses to do something positive instead.  Big, Big up's Waka!











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