In case you didn't know, Boosie BadAzz has spent quite a bit of time behind bars. During his time in a cell, the Baton Rouge, La.-bred rapper probably experienced quite a few things he never would have in any other circumstances. Apparently one of those things was seeing a sexual encounter between two men.

"I remember when I was down in Angola [Prison] I walked in on a nigga riding a nigga dick from the back," Boosie recounts in a new video. "That nigga had a nigga ankles riding that bitch from the back, man. I ain't know about the Coke can in the shower, you heard me? A nigga ain't even tell me. I walked straight in, six in the morning—nigga riding that dick. I said I want to go home, man."

From there, Boosie went on to call one of the men involved in the sex act a "nasty muthafucker" before continuing to call them sick. "Nasty ass nigga. Same nigga walking around that bitch talking about you a gangsta. Bitch you a punk. Bitch you gay. These niggas like asshole man, forreal."

Boosie says a bit more but, you get the idea. While it's probably not too great to walk in on anyone having sex, Boosie appears particularly disgusted with what he saw in jail. If you've been following Boosie long enough, you already knew he has quite a few opinions about homosexual relationships. Last summer, the rapper explained his belief that TV was forcing children into homosexuality. This past March, Boosie Badazz bashed Disney for showing two gay characters kissing.

Check out what Boosie has to say about the time he saw two men having sex in the video below.

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