Things never cease to amaze me when it comes to folks on social media. They have all of the opinions in the world on how to fix things, but never have solutions on how to do it. They can be some of the most judgmental people in the world.

One of the recent situations of this happening is the story about Kendrick Lamar. His sister recently graduated from high school and apparently it was her birthday as well. Well to show how happy he was, he bought her a car for the occasion. The car was a 2017 Toyota Camry and while the sister was very happy to receive the gift. Apparently everyone else who had nothing to do with it didn't feel like it was not a big enough gift for her. On a lot of social media sites, Kendrick is getting dissed for not buying more of a luxury vehicle for his sister. The story actually made it to The Breakfast Club this morning.


I really get upset when people tend to criticize others for doing things in a positive manner and not get the accolades for it. I am sure Kendrick did this out of love and to see people come down on him for it is truly sad. I remember my very first car was an I-Mark Suzuki and I inherited it from my older brother who had passed away. The car was several years old and had many problems, but I was happy to have my own ride. We need to do a better job of stopping the negativity that so many want to pass around.

I know that this is probably going on deaf ears, but this is a sad day that people have nothing better to do. What's you take on this, do you feel that he should have gotten something bigger for his sister or should they mind their own business>

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